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“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” – Maya Angelou

Experts at Samattva have designed these retreats with a commitment to sharing their knowledge and skill gathered through decades of experience.
There have been many research, private and group teachings, and leading international retreats to back this experience that we all are eager to present.
Each activity has been carefully selected with balanced programs, and teachings provided which is aimed toward the achievement of attainable and informed intentions


We provide one-on-one retreats, group retreats, teacher training, and individual retreats (education based).
Retreats can include yoga, meditation, individual and group healing sessions, spa treatments, three forms of wellness consults, IAYT, Ayurveda, naturopathy, Dermatology, Diet, Reiki, tantra and excursions to sacred sites as well.
These retreats are designed as an opportunity to disconnect from technology and tune into the natural rhythms within, so it is requested to abide by the rules of disengagement from technology- STRICTLY!


We have conducted various spiritual retreats throughout India and Abroad. THE SPECIALTY OF THESE RETREATS is that there are no rigid lessons taught, the PARTICIPANTS are simply guided in processes that help them explore their inner universe and connect with their true selves. “The Seekers” whom we call them are the ones who need help and support for progress in this spiritual journey, to experience an inner transformation.

 We only help you understand what to seek and how to seek. As the path can only be presented, but to tread is your own inner journey. An inner journey towards inner transformation.

  • Know Thyself
  • Silent Retreat
  • Heal Thyself


These specialized retreats focuses on the health and physical wellbeing. The experiences include Yoga sessions, Ayurveda and Naturopathic treatments. These all are combined to give you the best experience.

Food plays an important part of the experience, so the food and the diet is carefully designed by our in-house dietician, keeping the food, simple yet nourishing and tasty at the same time.  We are obsessed for providing the highest quality, locally sourced organic food. The ingredients used are locally sourced that sustain the health and vitality of our bodies and help grow our communities, We avoid processed foods. We believe in the benefits of meals prepared with care and shared with compassion and love.

All this when grouped together, makes the experience unforgettable.

Please refer the testimony from our recent participants.

All followed-up with recipes, practices and inspiration right into your Inbox for you to continue your desired practices at home