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Mindfulness Retreat

In recent years the term Mindfulness has became trendy and our aim is to  make this world more mindful. Mindfulness is a state of conscious living where each and every thought and action has been done with awareness. Awareness is the key to self-realisation. By practicing mindfulness health-happiness-peace-harmony-balance can get achieved.
Our experts with their years of experience has designed this unique program for the seekers who are ready to learn and strengthen their Mindfulness practice.
What we need from you – your undivided attention & Love, Non-Judgement
Contents – Conscious walk, Conscious Breath techniques, Contemplative practices, Star-Meditation, Conscious Mind-Body-Breath Rhytmic Movement, Mindful eating-praying-thinking, Conscious Vocal Sound Formation, Mindful Sleeping,
“Mindfulness is the key to Self-Realisation”
Duration – 5 days to 29 days