FAQ | Samattva Foundation


Booking an appointment

Booking can be done, via calling the reception, or online. Since it is a First cum first serve basis, kindly book the appointment minimum one day before the session.

Cancellation of Appointment

In case of any cancellation of appointment, it is advisable to tell the reception as early as possible. As the slot is fixed once an appointment is confirmed.

Payment Mode

Payment can be made by either cash, credit card, debit card or online.All payment methods are used by us , in order to make it easier for you.


What level of yoga experience do you cator of?

Whatever your experience of yoga, you will be well looked after and be able to participate in all our classes. Including absolute beginners.

What type of yoga will be tought?

This will depend on which retreat you have chosen for your holiday. However, most of our teachers practice a blend of styles that we have created, hence the yoga asana session will be enjoyable for all.

What does the schedule of the sample day look like?

Each day of your yoga holiday will be inspiring, motivational, fun and unique. The exact daily schedule will vary between teachers destinations and type of retreat you have opted for. We can give you a clear description of the schedule of any particular holiday when you inquire. Itinerary for each retreat will be posted in the retreats section too.

What include in the cost of my holiday?

  • Accommodation
  • all meals, water, and chai
  • all yoga classes
  • all consultation sessions
  • all meditation sessions

What's Not include?

  • Flights
  • Local airport transfers
  • Personal insurance
  • Taxis and excursions
  • Laundry
  • Phone / fax / internet
  • Alcohol and fizzy drinks
  • Massage / spa treatments / pool or beach towels

Do i get to see in the local interest?

Of course, if you’d like to. Our selected venues and properties are beautiful with a vast spread of natural flora. There is plenty of time for exploring. We can help you organize a trip out to some of the ‘must see’ nearby destinations.  Please note that taxis or other costs associated with excursions are not included in the cost of your trip.

Alchohal Policy?

There is a strict No Alcohol policy for our retreats. Unless the retreat is specifically designed around the Vineyards and expeditions to vineyards is part of the itinerary.


What if i had never detoxed or fasted before?

There is no need to worry as detox is a simple, effective tool for health. It is suitable for first-timers. We also do have trained staff available to guide you throughout your program and answer all your questions. Shri Kaushal has designed the detox so as the effort put in by participants is less but the effect is noticeable. As always, if you suffer from any medical condition, it is advisable to consult with Shri Kaushal before taking a detox.

Is there anything i should(os should not) do to prepare for my detox program?

There is no specific pre-detox process to be undertaken. But for a better result and to enhance your health it is advisable, drinking a minimum of 3-4 liters of filtered water daily, reducing the number of processed foods you eat, simplifying the foods you eat. It is also required to have a prior consultation with Shri Kaushal before going forward with Detox, as most of the time Shri kaushal after evaluation will implement pre-detox precautions if required. Honor our body and your decision to improve your health and your life.

Will i feel tired during cleansing?

The Detox has been designed keeping in mind the post effects as well. The after effects are very minimal . Feelings of weakness, fatigue, and, headache like symptoms are all common during the first 2-3 hours of any detoxification program as toxins and other waste matter are being excreted from the body, post the said hours you will begin to feel a new sense of energy and vitality.

Will i feel hungry during the fasting/cleanse?

In the first 1-2 hours of your detox program, it is normal to experience feelings of hunger. Hence you need to carry prescribed, homemade food with the detox program.

Can i drink coffee , soda or smoke while on the program?

No. The body cannot effectively detoxify if you are continuing to take in toxins from coffee, soda or smoking. For best results, it is important to stick not consuming these ingredients for 1 whole day, after the detox.

Can i eat normally after the detox?

The key is to start reintroducing normal foods into your diet slowly after the detox. For the first day the food intake after the detox will be prescribed as per the consultation from Shri kaushal. It is expected to follow the diet regime diligently. Be kind to your body – after all, you have put in so much effort into cleaning it out!

What are the side affect during the detox?

Some people experience headaches at the beginning of a detox as their bodies are adjusting to the dramatic reduction of regular toxins. Other common side effects are feelings of lethargy, nausea and mood swings. These symptoms will usually pass after sometime as the body adjusts, giving way to a more vibrant and lighter you!

Is it safe to do cleansing if i have a condition such diabetes , heart problem, Irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers etc.

Detox is a process of cleaning the body from the inside, and sometimes these diseases might hinder the process. Hence it is required from your side to explain and elaborate on each and every disease or health issues in the pre-detox consultation session with Shri Kushal. Not opening up about these, might create problems in the future.