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Health & Wellness Retreats –
The main objective of this program is to bring the awareness & consciousness about the fact that the health is not only limited to the fit & strong body. Whereas it’s a state of complete wellbeing of mind-body-spirit. We see mind as a perfect land where anything if get seeded can grow rapidly, regardless of positive and negative. Most of the modern diseases are the outcome of the mind and they are known as the psychosomatic diseases.
In this program we work on the different levels of consciousness , by using different tools. From the mental detox to the physical detox we work at each and every level very minutely to bring the overall change in a person.
What we need from you – medical history (if any), Dually filled health questionnaire, above all your positive attitude and willingness to bring the change in you.
Contents- IAYT, Breath-Work, Yogic -Counselling, Emotional culture, Detox of different kinds (individualised), Naturopathy & Ayurvedic Therapies (* depending upon the facilities and availability), Mindfulness-Techniques, Group activities, Different meditative techniques, walks,  regular Health -monitoring, diet as par the body type and present status of the body.
“Perfect health lies in your mind”
Duration- 5 days to 25 days
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