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Disease 4. Holistic Management Of Hormonal Disorders- “From imbalance to Balance”

Description – Hormonal diseases are mostly lifestyle diseases. Stress, anxiety, fear, irregular diet, lack of physical activity bring imbalances in body. Restless mind and unmonitored thoughts further add to these imbalances at mental – physical – emotional level bringing  disturbance at physical level.

This program helps to harmonise the hormone level in the human body. We reach to root cause of an imbalance, and try to get rid of these disturbances without any side effects of medicines. This will reduce or completely finish our need for external substitution of hormones.

The holistic management for hormonal disorder program provides you the complete solution which is based upon the lifestyle, diet (according to your constitution), special techniques practices, breath, detox and mind-fullness.

Holistic Management of Hormonal Disorder programs includes –

  1. Special Yoga techniques (IAYT)
  2. Breathing techniques
  3. Detox (Half/Full…after evaluation can get decided)
  4. Diet
  5. Diet ovary detox
  6. Healing
  7. Consultation
  8. Ayurvedic herbs
  9. Stress management techniques
  10. Marma -Therapy
  11. Naval correction
  12. Belly Button Therapy
  13. Knowledge Sessions

Diseases included : PCOD, Infertility, Acne, Hirsutism, Hair Loss, Irregular Periods, Weight Management